Bala Bai

Child of Duoluo de jinse shatans Priests


Bala Bai

Covered Quiet God blooded Child

Name-Bala Bai
Location-Creation, Heian Fangzhu
Relation-Town Priests Son
Attitude-Quiet, Coy, Aspiring Child

Bala Bai was introduced to Chidira during her conversations with his parents Jyothi Bai & Derya Bai. They asked her to teach him as part of a deal in helping her appease the towns god Duoluo de jinse shatan who did not wish for her to investigate the caves. Bala Bai was revealed to be a god blooded, his head and long hair, other then his face, in fact living gems, and his forearms (as supposed the rest of his body) sprouting gems from within his flesh. His parents seek for him to become a sorcerer, and to grow a relationship with their god that they as simple mortals have been limited from achieving. Chidira agreed to take him on as a pupil, to help him grow in his cultivation.


Bala Bai was born a normal child, at least in appearance. His parents had conceived him while both being willingly possessed through their towns god Duoluo de jinse shatan, in hopes that it would make their child something more…and it did. Even from a young age the two mystics could tell their child was something more then mortal, the way his hair glinted, his eyes shown and his nails were tough.

Over the next 10 years he grew more and more in tune with his half spiritual nature, parts of his body becoming living gems, other parts of his flesh sprouting buds of sapphire and topaz.

Though not ashamed of their child his parents were cautious, not sure how the town would react to such a manifestation. It would probably be positive…but then again there were occasional visitors to Heian Fangzhu and their child was made of living precious stones. In the end they decided to take a hidden approach, wrapping their child up in heavy clothes that were not uncommon in the south, though a tad unusual to the village. Then again the family of mystics was anything if unusual.

Since a young age he has been practicing how to serve their god, as well as the basics of thamutergy, with surprising success for one so young. However his father believes the boy can do more, can be more. Both of his parents know enough about spirits and the god blooded to know that they have the potential to tap into the essence well inside all living beings, that mortals have but are beyond manipulating…and so they look, seeking knowledge, training and methods of cultivation to unlock the childs potential.

Their ultimate goal, shared by the child himself, is to become bonded to Duoluo de jinse shatan in a way that simply isn’t possible for a mortal.

Bala Bai

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