Derya Bai

Priestess of Duoluo de jinse shatan


Derya Bai

Devoted Worried Priestess

Name-Derya Bai
Location-Creation, Heian Fangzhu
Relation-Town mystic
Attitude-devoted priestess, mother, protector of her god

Chidira met Derya while seeking out the priest and priestess of the town of Heian Fangzhu to make sure there would be no problems with her interest in the caves. They had a tense first encounter due to Deryas prior dealings that went sour with someone seeking to do something similar as our MC. However Chidira managed to turn around the situation, instilling a friendship with the woman on a rather deep level due to the many similarities that they have. While Derya now views Chidira as her friend, there is still a lot of nervousness in her regarding the future of the town and the safety and worship of its god Duoluo de jinse shatan


Derya was born to a nomad tribe of marauders in the south and spent the majority of her childhood living the rough life of their kind. The constant moving as well as the frequent deaths of those she cared about and strangers in front of her eyes effected the little girl on a level that still is fully unknown.

Around the age of 10 she was sold off to a small village which was a few years later sacked by a group of slavers. She managed to escape though nearly died in the wilderness and ended up wandering blindly by herself, barely escaping slavers and simple bandits by providence she ended up in Heian Fangzhu, swearing that it was the spirit of the town that had called out to her.

Over the next few years she fell in love with the son of the priestess of Duoluo de jinse shatan, devoting her life to the worship of her god, as well as to making a family with her husband Jyothi Bai.

They have a child called Bala Bai who is a god blooded, though the village does not know.

Derya Bai

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