Suresha Popov

Inn Keeper


Suresha Popov

Down to earth observant tavern master

Name-Suresha Popov
Location-Creation, Heian Fangzhu
Relation-Inn Keeper, Information broker
Attitude-Friendly, simple, calm

One of the first people Chidira met was the 40 something Suresha, a big friendly almost cliche inn keeper. He was quite quick to help her out with any information she was looking for, as well as his own tips and advice. He is a man who has seen a lot and talked to a lot of different people. Not only the locals, Suresha knows more about the traders that visit the town then probably anyone else, and quite possibly more then the locals as a whole. Though he isn’t much of a gossip when it comes to the private lives of the locals, or issues that they would want to keep private, he is friendly and can be a bit to open when talking about others. Chidira has mostly had brief conversations with him since their initially long one that could be considered her first real welcome to the village.


Times were tough when Suresha was born and his birth as well as that of his one day wife were viewed as a burden on the village, even a bad omen. In truth things were about to get better but at the time crops were failing, packs of omen dogs were keeping the villagers away from the river and even Duoluo de jinse shatan was silent. The negativity of the time lasted beyond their being babies and a bit of the fear and resentment even lasted into their teen years. This had the effect of driving Suresha and his wife Toma into a close relationship, both being stigmatized.

While not always physicaly together they have a very strong relationship and spend the majority of their free time together, enjoying each others presence and talking about the things people with dreams beyond their dull reality do.

Suresha is quite the talker and far more informed then either travelers or the locals give him credit for. There is something about the man that gets the most secretive of guards or the most suspicious of merchants to open up and talk of the world, their troubles and their plans to him. Due to this he knows quite a few secrets that in the right hands would be very valuable…but also dangerous.

Suresha Popov

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