Heian Fangzhu

Heian Fangzhu

At the end of a great ravine, sandstone walls climbing up a hundred feet on either side, a dusty wind blows over the sand that piles against the small windbreak of a town called Heian Fangzhu.

A old village of never more then a few dozen people, history has been kind to this place, traders come ocasionaly to buy some of the gems that can be found in the caves nearby, and while not a trade hub their presence a few days away from the Major River brings enough business and entertainment to keep the people happy.

Spreading out from a central square houses of mixed materials cover the village, slim pieces of wood framing sandstone, clay and occasionally more solid stone structures. There are no two story buildings due to the materials at the peoples reach, but they make do with what they can.

Polite people, used to travelers but still inquisitive of each one, there are many places worse then Heian Fangzhu that someone could come upon…

Places of Note

Tavern/Inn-Ran by Suresha Popov, him his wife and 2 waitresses run the 8 room building. Fresh food is cooked several times a day and a overly large stable outside is designed to fit several large caravan beasts.

Temple of Duoluo de jinse shatan-Devoted to the towns protector spirit, the temple is the most lavishly decorated building in the town. Covered with statues, carvings, drawings, and if one looks closely enough even the occasional jewel, the temples flair is a testimony to how strongly the village feels about their god. The priests of the building, mystics, provide services with the spirit himself, as well as any other spiritual problems. They also sell talismins. Jyothi Bai and his wife Derya Bai share the same role and influence, with their 10 year old son Bala Bai on the way to becoming one of Duoluo de jinse shatans servants as well.

Jewler-The most profitable family in the village is the jewler Noriko Fukui and her husband Seong-Hyeon Fukui. Their business is nothing of note from the outside though there is a sign and enough pieces of their trade to let anyone know what they provide inside. The jewelry its self is of good make but poor material however the jewels are excellent in their grade polish and cut. What is most surprising is their ability to always be providing as much as any trader or traveler is interested in. The caves in behind the village provide all of the stones a heavy over abundance, however Noriko is intelligent enough to display a impressive dispaly…without attracting the wrong type of attention.

Trader-Ran by Myeong Huang in a plain looking building, all that marks this business is the overly large sign hanging from the roof saying “Trader”. Inside you can find shelves, crates, boxes and displays filled with everything from tools to mystical charms. While Myeong sells goods made from the towns people, including excess food and resources, his most prominently displayed and traded goods are those he acquires from the various traders that come to the village. Prices and stock varies, but if you are looking for an oddity, something that can’t be made or found locally, or if you just want to sell something you don’t need anymore there is no better place then here.

Blacksmith-The Mhasalkar family runs the towns only blacksmith. Positioned on the edge of the village as to reduce possible fire hazards, the forge is always simmering and ready for active use for most of the week. Though David and his wife Duri are both skilled craftsman they mostly do on request work, as iron is a rather limited resource locally. With a few hours or days time and the proper resources there are very few things that can not be procured at the Mhasalkar blacksmith. For needed materials check out the Traders shop.

Heian Fangzhu

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