Jyothi Bai

Priest of Duoluo de jinse shatan


Jyothi Bai

Stoic Concerned Priest

Name-Jyothi Bai
Location-Creation, Heian Fangzhu
Relation-Town mystic
Attitude-devoted priest, stoic advisor, medium of his god

Chidira met Jyothi in Heian Fangzhu while seeking out the priests of Duoluo de jinse shatan in order to try and avoid any problems of her research coming up, due to some rumors she had heard of a prior interest in the caves behind the city having ended poorly regarding the towns spirit. Though she did not speak to Jyothi as much as to his wife, Derya Bai, she did learn some about the past problems of the priests, as well as some of the reasons why Duoluo de jinse shatan is so set against anyone going to the caves. This mostly was a worry of the spirit losing influence and power in the town, as well as a fear of what potentially more powerful spirits could be awoken.

Jyothi was forthcoming with information and helpful, being reasonable and seeing that they were not going to prevent Chidira from doing what she wanted. They did make a deal that if she found the place of power she would help train his and his wives son Bala Bai who is a god blooded, as well as her promise to help deal with anything she might possibly disturb in the caves.


Jyothi was born to in Heian Fangzhu and spent his entire life in the small village. Birthed to a mother who was the priest of Duoluo de jinse shatan, their religious worship, service and petitions to the god run in his family. His father died shortly before his birth due to an attempt to cultivate his abilities beyond what his body was capable of, poisoning himself in the attempt and dying a horribly painful death.

Jyothis mother never hid the fate of his father from him, and in reality used it to keep her son humble and his ambitions small. In a sense he has been brainwashed since a child to believe that power beyond what comes easily and what one is born into is dangerous and not worth the risk.

He is well known around town, and even with the occasional trader who visits Heian Fangzhu, to have a nearly impossible to read face and demeanor, due to his stillness and calm attitude about the most serious situations.

Ever since Meeting his wife Derya and especially after having a child Jyothi has grown more accepting of peoples birth and natural path of life not being the ONLY thing they should do…and in fact has even begun trying to help his son cultivate his power, believing that the boy may become something even greater then his spiritual blood already makes him.

Jyothi Bai

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