Seong-Hyeon Fukui

Old man Gem Scavenger


Seong-Hyeon Fukui

Hobbling old scavenger

Name-Seong-Hyeon Fukui
Location-Creation, Heian Fangzhu
Relation-Gem Scavenger, Cave Explorerish
Attitude-Tired, Dilligent, Old Scavenger

Seong-Hyeon Fukui and Chidira crossed paths when she came looking for him, needing to know about his experience with the caves. The older man walks with a cane when out of the house and despite being one of the most wealthy people in the village he wears rather plain heavy clothes with a turbin. His face and body are both rugged, old and cracked with age. They spent around an hour together, chatting and going up to the caves. Seong-Hyeon Fukui revealed the rivers of sand that pour of slowly from the caves because of the wind constantly blowing out of them, and shared with her his past experience of going in the caves when he was younger. The first few times it was a shallow dead end, but the last, around the 5th time, he wandered in deep and only remembers being terrified and waking up outside, alive. He also saw her use some of her abilities due to her control spell, finding them very amusing.


In his youth Seong-Hyeon Fukui was not much different then he currently is. Hard working, already tired of the struggles of life, but a dilligent worker and someone who loses himself in his work. Not driven by greed so much as a simple enjoyment, he is a man who one could say fancies pretty rocks, digging through the sand and being out in the windy baking sun.

Seong has had a lucky life and he knows this. From being supported by the village with his work and their desire to not let anyone else come in and be more efficenct with it to his wife who fancied him for no apparent reason, and quickly picked up and developed a skill that was synergistic with his own profession. The wealth that has come his way, the success with traders and avoidance of any major dangers, as well as living to a nice age with little sickness, he is a happy man, though it isn’t always apparent.

In his early 20s while wandering in the caves behind the village of Hyeon Fukui, despite the desire of most of the village including their god for him to stay away, Seong ran into something dangerous. He had gone much further then he had any time before, and knew what he was doing was risky. He remembers very little of the encouter, only a sense of dread and danger, and then waking up outside, alive. He took this as mercy from what ever was in there, or perhaps Duoluo de jinse shatan saving him, and so he vowed to never go beyond the entrance of the caves again.

Seong-Hyeon Fukui

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